Veratis Applicant Screening & Testing, also known as "VAST", started in 2010 as a subsidiary of New Forensic Technologies. In 2013, the partners purchased the company and created Veratis. The company transitioned through a progression of locations before arriving at its current address. Located at 3831 Old Forest Road, Terrace (Lower) Level, Lynchburg, Virginia. Our office is in the rear portion of the Old Forest Commercial Center, just north of the intersection of Old Forest Road and Route 221 (Forest Road/Lakeside Drive).

The company primarily does polygraph testing for local jurisdictions, screening applicants for employment. The company also conducts administrative polygraphs for local government agencies and limited testing for attorneys. Office hours are by appointment only.

The partners are Michael S. Bryant and M. Barry Stephens, retired law enforcement polygraph examiners with decades of combined experience. Mike Bryant and Barry Stephens attended the Backster School of Lie Detection in San Diego, California, before retiring from the Virginia State Police. 

Old Forest Commercial Center Sign

Terrace (Lower) Level Entrance

Entrance Door

Polygraph Station

Typical Polygraph Chart